We offer ultrasonography services at our practice. Gynecological ultrasonography is essential for women and has been the method of choice for the evaluation of internal genital structures, for decades. Through the abdominal/vaginal ultrasonography, we examine the female genital structures (uterus/uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc.), to check for any pathological conditions and plan the most appropriate treatment, if required.

Ultrasonography is also required at the beginning and during pregnancy. At the beginning of each pregnancy, it is important to determine if the pregnancy is intrauterine or ectopic. At the same time, the number of embryos and their viability can be determined. Early tests can also confirm a pregnancy. Ultrasonography during pregnancy can assess the fetal growth rate, position, maturity of the placenta, amount of amniotic fluid, and length of the cervix, if required.